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A Geezer’s Boat

I am a life long sailor. I bought my first sailboat in 1971 and I have owned 10 or so over the years, culminating in my present boat, a German built Hanse 371 which I have had for 9 years now.

Almost any power boat is reasonably geezer friendly, with the exception of “Cigarette” types and other super fast pointy things.  Sailboats, on the other hand, take work. Aging backs and arms may not be up to the task.

As a newly minted geezer (I was in denial until I started this blog) I have just begun to admit I need a little help to continue enjoying sailing for the next 40 years. You non sailors may want to skip the rest of this.

Good things on a Geezers’ sailboat:

  1. Electric winch for halyards
  2. Furling sails
  3. Self tacking jib
  4. Electric windlass
  5. Big Chart plotter
  6. A diesel furnace
  7. Bow Thruster
  8. Bulwarks
  9. Cockpit shelter or dodger
  10. Pilothouse or Deck Saloon

Bad things on a Geezers’ sailboat:

  1. Manual windlass
  2. Tiller steering
  3. Running backstays
  4. Cutter  rigs (feel free to disagreee)
  5. Flush decks
  6. Outboard motor
  7. Low or no lifelines
  8. Undersize winches
  9. Pilot berths
  10. Alcohol stoves
  11. Wood stoves or fireplaces.
  12. Exterior wood trim (unless you employ someone to maintain it.)

My own boat doesn’t fit my ideal perfectly. I wasn’t a geezer when I bought it but I have added a number of things since then.

I do have the self tacking, furling jib, electric windlass, and hard dodger. Also a diesel furnace, autopilot and Chart plotter (but not big enough).

Sailing is still great fun. Read some adventures at this great blog

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Welcome Geezers and Friends

I’m not a geezer myself, but I have just begun to notice that a lot of my friends are geezers, even though I know some of them are younger than me.

Geezer quiz; How to tell if you are a geezer yet. Give yourself one point for each YES answer. No cheating.

1. I need glasses to read this. (OK. I said yes to this one.)
2. I have a notebook in my shirt pocket or purse. The kind with paper.
3. I carry a coupon book when I go out. (My wife carries ours.)
4. My exercise program is a 3 storey house and a bad memory. (I said yes to this one too…)
5. I have a favorite chair. (Yes again.)
6. My children are retired.
7. My grandchildren are in college.
8. All my friends have gray hair except those with no hair.
9. I need help to get out of my favorite chair.
10. I forget why I’m taking this stupid quiz.

Congratulations. If you said yes to any of these questions, you are a geezer. And I guess I am one after all.

Geezers these days are often active, lively, smart and capable, but nature slows us down and blurs our sight and hearing.  Threading a needle was always hard, now it is impossible without help. Of course if you have a reason to thread a needle you automatically qualify for geezerdom.

Before I talk about Geezer friendly objects, I’ll mention a few of the most unfriendly ones:

1. Tiny cell phones.
2. TV remote controls
3. Microwave ovens
4. Rubber gloves
5. Snow boots

In my next post I’ll begin working on the good, bad and ugly of geezer friendly stuff. In the meantime, give me some examples of things that annoy or please you.

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